Crypto Collateral is a powerful and attractive tool for the world of Cryptocurrency and Trading enthusiasts, since it allows you to keep your deposits in your favourite Crypto as a backing asset and obtain funds for trading at 0 (zero) cost.

What is a Collateral asset?

A collateral asset is a backing asset offered as a guarantee which allows the financial entity to grant funds in credit for a specific purpose.

Now at Forex Bank you can place your BTC or ETH as a collateral asset and you will automatically get funds for trading. The cost of this service at Forex Bank is 0 (zero).

You no longer need to convert your BTC to trade and miss out on the rise of cryptos!


  • Your BTC or ETH in your Forex Bank wallet or exchange your USD

  • The minimum amount to access the Collateral Plan is 0,05 BTC

  • You will still be able to receive and/or withdraw crypto in your wallet without any problems


  • Your Collateral Plan is available from your BTC or ETH wallet

  • You will place your BTC or ETH as a backing asset and you will automatically obtain funds to trade with

  • You do not need to invest all the balance you have in your wallet

  • You can have more than one Collateral Plan and create them according to your needs


  • Your Collateral plan and the trading P&L will be added to your account

  • You can request the closure of your Collateral plan at any time you wish

  • Crypto offered as Collateral will be released with added P&L from trading

  • Minimum Collateral Plan term: 30 days


  • Crypto which does not affect Collateral plan remains available

  • You can exchange for another currency in the Intercambio-Exchange section

  • Also send to another wallet, continue receiving or acquiring

Important: The funds granted in credit for trading are expressed in USD, and at the time of requesting the Collateral plan closure,exactly the same amount granted in USD is debited from the trading account and your trading P&L is added. IT IS TRANSPARENT!

If you need personalised advice about this plan you can request for it in your client area at the Help Desk section (Login button) or dialing the telephone numbers below according to your country.

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    Place your BTC or ETH as a backing asset
    and you will automatically get funds for trading
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